Lubrication for Fine and Ultra-Fine Wires

Fine wire lubrication
Fine wire lubrication
  • No solvents – no crazing
  • Heated guide rollers assist lubricant transfer
  • Lubricant dosage easy to calculate and to adjust
  • Continuous monitoring of the process by control of yarn movement and wire position
same direction
Application Zone for fine wire
Correct string-up

New Setup for Lubrication of Fine Wire

Issues with Older Versions of Fine Wire Lubrication

-     Wire getting trapped under the yarn on heated pulleys causing

  • kinks,
  • elongation, and even
  • wire breaks

-     Lubricant quantity not calculable due to drip loss of wax from the heated pulleys


New HELILUB® Setup for Fine Wire Provides

-     Good consistency

-     Low coefficient of friction even with small lubricant quantities

-     No kinks

-     Neither elongation nor wire breaks

-     No solvent attack to the enamel

-     Precisely calculable lubrication due to elimination of drip loss