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HELICORD® in Welding Wire Industry

  1. Two step abrasive treatment for removal of solid drawing lubricants (e.g. from mild steel wires)
  2. Two step abrasive treatment for preparation of wires for copper-plating
  3. Abrasive preparation of wires for lubricating
  4. Removal of excess drawing oil from aluminium wire and stainless steel wire
  5. Removal of drawing lubricants and simultaneous application of lubricants with corrosion inhibitors on flux-cored mild steel welding wire
  6. Application of oil as feed-aid on solid wire
  7. Application of PTFE dispersion as feed-aid on Al-wire and flux-cored stainless steel wire
  8. Application of feed-aid dispersions containing e.g. graphite or molybdenum disulfide (and similar)

Feedability Testing Curves

(flux-cored stainless steel welding wire with a diameter of 1.2 mm)


Wire before treatment Wire after application of PTFE dispersion
HELICORD Machine for abrasive wire cleaning
HELICORD machine for abrasive wire cleaning
Appearance of wire before and after HELICORD process
Appearance of wire before and after HELICORD process
Before treatment with HELICORD
After application of PTFE dispersion