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10. February 1999:

1999: Internal memo concerning the VOC directive 1999/13/EC and its effects on lubricating magnet wire

In annex IIA of the VOC directive 1999/13/EC, which is valid in all countries of the European Community, the legal emission of volatile organic compounds resulting from the production of winding wire is limited to 5, respectively...more

10. February 1998:

International trade fair „Wire“ in Duesseldorf, April 20th to 24th, 1998:

The main focus was set on the introduction of Helilubricators for cold and fine wire.more

10. February 1997:

Electrical Insulation Conference Sep. 22nd to 25th, 1997:

Presentation „Magnet Wire Lubrication“more

08. February 1995:

Hannover Messe 1995

The main topic of the conjoint booth of Schramm Coatings GmbH and Boockmann GmbH was teh presentation of a completely enclosed impregnation plant with inside manipulators, and post combustion and energy recovery integrated in the...more

10. February 1994:

1994: European patent no. 0499775 was granted

„Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Gleitfähigmachen eines Drahtes“ (Solvent-free lubrication of magnet wire)more

08. February 1993:

1993: European Patent no. 0374649B1 was granted

"Method and an apparatus for impregnating or coating object"more

10. February 1992:

1992: Essay „Emission-free Lubrication of Enameled Wire“

in issue 2/1991 of the German trade journal „Drahtwelt“more

08. February 1991:

1991: Paper "Energy saving and emission reducing impregnation technique"

In the issue 6/1991 of the german trade journal "farbe + lack", the implementation of an economic, energy saving impregnation plant with a thermal post-burning unit is described and a performance balance is given. This article is...more

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