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04. October 2013:

2013: New HELILUB® Setup for ultrafine magnet wire

Reliable solvent-free lubrication now available also for fine and ultra fine magnet wire.more

02. October 2013:

2013: New Welding Test Unit

This welding wire test unit allows test welding under controlled and repeatable conditions.more

21. November 2012:

2012: Welding Wire Finish HELICORD W – NB37F001

Impregnated braided cords for removal of loose particles and simultaneous application of additives to improve feedability, corrosion protection and arc stability.more

15. November 2012:

2012: First NB57W sold for protective surface treatment of Aluminum wire and other soft metals directly before the winder

Measures for protection of sensitive aluminum surfaces:   traversing process zone newly developed looping unit that prevents contact between wire and pulleys newly developed wire guide pulleys with groove fit for the wire...more

20. March 2012:

2012: New Oil-Based Welding Wire Finishing Lubricants

With corrosion inhibitors for copper and/or iron With arc- and plasma stabilizing agents Also applicable with conventional systems, HELICORD® is recommended for simultaneously removing particles more

19. March 2012:

2012: New Roll Support in Looping Unit Minimizes Wear and Tear in HELICORD® Machines

Due to the new design of the roll support the wire does not touch the rolls running at rather slow cord speed and the surface cannot be damaged.more

17. November 2011:

2011: Welding Wire Finishing

Publication presented at AWS Welding Show 2011more

21. October 2011:

2011: HELICORD® used for intercontinental fiber optic cable

In a project with high future potential in the field of highly available long-distance data transmission and communication, HELICORD® is used for cleaning the copper jacket before extrusion of submarine fiber optic cables for...more

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