Boockmann Engineering GmbH

In 1982, Boockmann GmbH Elektrowerkstoffe was founded by Annedore and Gerhard Boockmann as a distribution and consulting company for electrical insulating products (wire enamel, impregnating resin, insulating varnish, varnish for insulating hoses) for electrical coils in motors, transformers and ballasts.


In 1987, engineering and project development of emission-reduced and energy-saving impregnating plants with integrated cleaning of waste air were added.

In 1991, the field of activities was expanded by the solvent-free HELILUB® technology for lubrication of round magnet wire (enamelled wire) utilizing wax-impregnated yarns.Up to now, far more than 4,000 magnet wire production lines have been equipped with HELILUB®.

In 2003, the meanwhile patented HELICORD® technology for various types of surface treatment  such as cleaning  or coating  was launched.Today HELICORD® machines and cords are used in industrial production of solid wire, flux-cored welding wire, stranded wire and tubes made of mild steel, stainless steel and for wire, strands and tubes of copper, aluminum and different alloys as well as for insulated cables and optical fiber worldwide.

Around 2013, the first types of Welding Wire Finishing cords were widely introduced to the market. Approaching the task of surface finishing in a completely different way from other processes, this new generation of Boockmann products opened a new field of possibilities to the welding wire industry.

In 2014, Boockmann GmbH Elektrowerkstoffe changed its name to Boockmann Engineering GmbH, representing the shift of activities.

In 2015, Boockmann’s HELICORD® machines underwent a facelift, that provided more operator friendliness and easier maintenance.

In 2016, the well-established HELILUB® devices were re-designed for better operator friendliness and performance. Based on this re-design, the HELIFIL family of machines was launched. It closes the gap between strong and versatile, but large HELICORD® machines and small HELILUB® devices that are suitable only for a limited field of applications.