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Boockmann Engineering GmbH

In 1982, Boockmann Engineering GmbH was founded by Annedore and Gerhard Boockmann as a distribution and consulting company for electrical insulating products (wire enamel, impregnating resin, insulating varnish, varnish for insulating hoses) for electrical coils in motors, transformers and ballasts.

In 1987, engineering and project development of emission reduced and energy-saving impregnating plants with integrated cleaning of waste air were added.

In 1991, the field of activities was expanded by the self-developed patent-registered solvent-free lubricating technology HELILUB® for magnet wire (enamelled wire).

The medium used for application hereby is a yarn impregnated with the wax to be applied, which is looped around the (preferably hot) magnet wire at the exit of the enamelling oven. The wax is extracted by melting and polished onto the wire surface by the yarn.

The cord speed of only a few cm/min is constantly controlled by the HELILUB® machine. This ensures a precise and evenly distributed application of lubricant adjustable from 6 to 200 mg/m², which is very important for windability as well as inserting the wire into the winding slot. Up to now, far more than 4,000 magnet wire production lines have been equipped with HELILUB®.

In 2003, customer requirements to also use this principle for cleaning wire, stranded wire or cables led to the market launch of the HELICORD® technique, which is patent-registered. It allows surface treatment for cleaning by grinding, polishing and wiping, for removal of dust, metal particles, flakes, chips, fines, drawing lubricant residues and other impurities and contamination. HELICORD® can also be used for coating with oil, wax or other lubricants, bonding agents, mould release agents, strip aids, anti-adhesives, wear protection, antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors. Especially adapted surface finishes for welding wire improve the feedability in the liners, reduce abrasion of the contact tip and contact resistance, and stabilize the plasma arc.

Meanwhile HELICORD® machines and cords are used in industrial production of solid wire, flux-cored welding wire, stranded wire and tubes made of mild steel, stainless steel and for wire, strands and tubes of copper, aluminium and different alloys as well as for insulated cables and optical fiber worldwide. Blow-ups and insulation defects in cable production can be avoided by removing particles and fines by HELICORD® directly before the extruder.

In contrast to conventional methods like washing in baths with solvent or other cleaning agents, acid pickling, ultrasonic treatment, felts, brushes and chemical cleaning, the efficiency of HELICORD® process, due to the basic principle, is independent from wire speed and operating time (no “saw-tooth effect”).